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Payment Policy

Litigation Supporters only pays with credit card or debit card. Quick-pay apps or checks are not accepted.

This policy is in place to protect both Litigation Supporters and its contractors and subcontractors. Credit and debit cards offer a higher level of security than quick-pay apps or checks. If an invoice is submitted by mail or fax, such invoice must include instructions on how to pay via online portal with a credit or debit card. Additionally, credit and debit cards are more convenient for both parties.

To be paid by Litigation Supporters, contractors and subcontractors must submit an electronic invoice. Invoices can be submitted by email, fax, or through the Litigation Supporters website.

Invoices must include the following information:

  • The name of the contractor or subcontractor
  • The date of the invoice
  • The amount of the invoice
  • The description of the work performed
  • The contact information for the contractor or subcontractor
  • The job number


Payments will be made within 30 days of the invoice date.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact your supervisor.

Thank you for your understanding.