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Process Servers Urged to Focus on Delivering Documents

In an effort to improve the efficiency of the process serving process, Litigation Supporters, a leading process serving company, is urging its servers to focus on delivering documents to the person named in a citation, regardless of whether or not they live or work at the address.

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The Entitled Client: Challenges and Solutions in Legal Services

The legal services industry, encompassing process serving and private investigations, thrives on precision and adherence to protocol. However, some clients can present a challenge that goes beyond the typical legalities: the entitled client, often referred to as a “Karen.”

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ABC Legal Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Allegations of Unfair Compensation

A class action lawsuit has been filed against ABC Legal Services, LLC, alleging that the company unfairly compensates its process servers. The lawsuit claims that ABC Legal pays its process servers a flat fee per service, regardless of the amount of time or effort required to complete the service.

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Subpoenas: To Pay or Not to Pay?

When you are involved in a lawsuit, you may need to subpoena witnesses to appear in court. If you are the party issuing the subpoena, you are responsible for paying the witness fee. The witness fee is a payment that is made to the witness for their time and travel expenses.

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Litigation Supporters Expands Process Serving Capabilities

Litigation Supporters, a national provider of process serving and skip tracing services, announced today that it has expanded its process serving capabilities to include electronic service of process. This new service allows Litigation Supporters to serve legal documents electronically, which can save time and money for clients.